Who We Are

Wide Time Productions was founded in New York City in 1991. Since its first project shared the dynamic stories and strategies of long-term AIDS survivors, the company’s name was inspired by the Mexican saying, ‘Life may not always be long, but it can be wide.’

Finalist Telly Awards

Our mission is to inspire, inform and empower people worldwide. Whatever the scale of your project, however, our commitment to you is to provide the highest quality program possible on time, on budget and hassle-free. Our current focus includes videos for the web for large and small businesses, tribute and profile videos for non-profit groups, and social issue documentaries. We would love to help you tell your story.

Wide Time’s inspiring and informative films have received numerous awards and have been screened at film festivals, charitable events and museums across the country.  Our documentaries have been widely distributed to colleges, libraries and health departments across North America and provided to community health groups and correctional facilities at highly reduced rates or without charge.

We invite you to schedule a 15 minute consultation to discuss your project ideas and decide if our company is the right fit for your project.

Contact us at 216-551-3389 or info @ widetimeproductions.com. We look forward to learning about your ideas.

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